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EXPORTING/ Review and particularities of the different contexts of visual arts dissemination in France and Spain

This workshop analysed, from a variety of perspectives, the essential issue of artistic distribution in an artist’s career. It was aimed at artists who wish to produce or to disseminate their work in various locations, and attempted to offer keys to understanding the distribution systems in France and Spain.

Before the workshop, attendees were invited to prepare a presentation about their artistic approach, a two-minute statement, and to consider a location, or a type of location, that might be suitable for its circulation. During the workshop, a collaborative map with a variety of distribution networks was made, and was made available online.

The workshop was held on the Zoom platform, in Spanish and in French.

Guest speakers:

- Juliette Pym, Head of Training, BBB centre d'art

- Diana Padrón, researcher and independent exhibition curator

The workshop took place on Tuesday, September 28th from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and was open to 20 artists (10 French, 10 Spanish). The workshop was free, with previous registration.


DIES is a project carried out through a collaboration between Idensitat, Casa Planas, Le BBB Center d’Art, La Escocesa, and the University of Barcelona (IMARTE Research Group) through the in> tra2 research project. (2020-2021)