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Manuel Talarico

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Today is 07/07, today is Ringo Starr's birthday, Congratulations! On June 11th, 2020 I hear the song What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong in the film Twelve Monkeys.

The song appears twice in the film. Once at the end and once in the middle. And that’s during a car ride, when the Bruce Willis character says it reminded him of better times and he can relax with it. This can be heard for exactly 23 seconds. And on May 11th I felt the same way. I drive in the car and thought, ‘Wow, that's a great song.’ I can relax and it’s a bit of escapism and memories of the past. And on 11/11/’89 is one of those memories that were triggered. That was a year in which the song could be heard everywhere. And then there were great crested grebes, lakes, mountains. And somehow deer in the sunset. And it was ubiquitous. And I am sitting on the sofa, leaning my back on daddy's legs and on 11/11, dad turned 50. And that was a huge party. And everyone was super surprised and somehow positive and in a really good mood.

And (uh) yes, on that November 11th. we now have three times the 11, 11 11 11, a triple-eleven, that's dad's 72nd birthday. And if we travel further back in time, so from the 72nd birthday 11, 3 times the 11, then the series would actually be 11, 12 and 13 and the 05/13 is also an important day in this series, because that's when dad died. So, May 13 is if I add 12, 13 plus 12, 05/25 and this is George Floyd. George Floyd, papa. And if I continue this series, we will be in March, on March 11th, respectively, we look at the 13th. On March 13th, Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor was 26 when she was killed. George Floyd was forty-six. 26 plus 46 is 72. Papa’s Triple-11. So. We go further back in time. On March eleventh, the WHO said pandemic. Finally, a pandemic (...)


12 monkeys, Pandemic, George Floyd, Dad Died, Breonna Taylor, What a wonderful world






University of Fine Arts Münster, simultaneously blends factual trivia, fictional texts and personalised, emotionally charged memories creating a framework that can relate to the following generations our collective experience from this juncture in history.