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Francesca Fini




While I was locked in my studio, it gave me relief to look 'outside', to spy those beautiful airy and sunny squares - the places where I would have had an aperitif and a nice dinner, under normal conditions, through a virtual window on my computer screen opened by on-line surveillance cameras. I also came to project these images, on the wall of my room, as in a new panopticon urged by the discomfort of the quarantine. So i turned this experience into a live media performance.


Lockdown, Quarantine, Contact/Contagion, Surveillance Cameras, Motion-Tracking, Live Media Performance, Social Distancing, Covid19






Francesca Fini is an Italian artist focused on experimental cinema, digital animation, new media, installation, and performance art. Her live projects are often addressing issues related to the relationship between public and private spaces, between the show and the audience, representation and interaction, but also reflect on the influences of society on gender and women's issues and the distortions in the perception of beauty produced by the market and mainstream media. Both live and non-live works are a mix of traditional media, lo-fi technology, interaction design devices, generative audio, and video.