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Reyhaneh Mirjahani

A Landscape of Absence: The Encounter between Virtual Connetion and Physical Assembly



How does the impact of Covid-19 - as a limitation on our physical presence- affect our sensation, perception and understanding of our means of participation in participatory art installations?

And, what are the implications of digitization, on the important role of sensation in producing publicness?

The Covid-19 pandemic, the relevant safety policies and recommended restrictions etc. may not have entirely evicted the spaces of sensory experience, affect, physical involvement and discourse inherent to participatory art installations; but they have certainly constricted the production of these spaces and public access to them. Moreover, the pandemic has certainly taken away a main tool of democratisation: to physically collaborate and co-create, to create a political and imaginative space together in the real world.

I intend to research the importance of physical presence and interaction in participatory installations and to create a space for political engagement in our current dilemma. Conducting this proposed research project, the aim is to delve into the enquiry questions above with a critical approach towards the blind digitalization trend and related changes in publicness, since the Covid-19 pandemic.


Participatory Art, Installation Art, Digitalization, Physical Presence, Public Space, Sensory Experience






Reyhaneh Mirjahani is a visual artist and independent artistic researcher with an MFA in Fine Art from HDK-Valand. She has collaborated with various institutions in Iran, Italy, Poland, UK and Sweden, and been published in critical journals in Iran, Sweden and the UK.