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Maciej Toporowicz

The Life in the Time of Plaque



Since the beginning of pandemic I began a set of short performances addressing the concepts of isolation, social distancing, facemask, etc. The shocking change in our behaviour caused by Covid is a paradigm shift on an epic scale. In addition to the highly divided political landscape between left and right, we are facing now a massive polarization of society between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. We will never go back to what was before.

I made all my performances for Instagram, and mostly under 1 minute long. 30 performances from this set of works were produced as a short movie and shown in Europe last year in a the Freiraum Festival organized by Goethe Institute.


Performance, Art, Pandemic, Video






Maciej Toporowicz is a multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, and Grahamsville, NY. He was born in Poland and since 1980 was involved in performance art as a member of AWACS Group.Their work was a radical protest against the system of oppression created by the communist system and included underground performances during the Martial Law in Poland. He came to the USA as a political refugee in 1985. His eclectic body of work explores human condition in context of culture, mortality and evanescence of life.