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Arthur Clay

iJacking Urban Space



In the present situation, mobility within a very short time has been drastically reduced and cultural life in public has come to a stop. Although, this is an unprecedented situation that poses extreme problems for the arts and cultural life, innovative solutions are possible if a shift in the paradigm between art institute and cultural work is allowed to take place. Whatever creative strategies and alternative formats can be developed and applied so that art can prosper in a time where social distancing and fear of infection, it must also be taken into consideration that the solutions found may very well shift the attention away from large intuitional event makers and move it to more smaller and socially relevant parties. The questions remains as to whether art in a smaller context that directly supports the individual artists and allows them to network for the sake of creating and appreciating art in a smaller framework will be able to thrive despite  restraints and become the become the established attitude in present day societies.


Covid Art, Paradigm Shifting, Micro Audience






Arthur Clay has designed and implemented trans disciplinary events focusing on creatively connecting art, science, and technology within diverse cultural contexts in many parts of the world. As an artist, he has been awarded prizes for performance art, media art, music theatre, and composition.