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María Gárgoles

The perceptual dissolution through objects in the 360º space



General organization of somatosensory information causes different sensations and experiences. During the individual sensory experience, we are able to connect with the environment and its objects. However, sometimes the brain is unable to recognize a perceptual stimulus. This inability to process sensory information is known as agnosia. In these cases, it is not the sense itself that fails, but rather the brain’s processes information.

The following audiovisual proposal shows a world of connections through perception and immersion in the virtual world. Visual perception is directly related to visual agnosia and its different types. This affects the way the space is built. This immersive audiovisual proposes an experience of searching and activating different elements of the environment. Through the 360º space, it is possible to embody the experience from the first person. This is relevant because it connects the mental guidelines of movement with the actual displacement of the virtual image. If the virtual reality mode is not enabled, it must be done by dragging the screen.


Perception, Virtual, Object, Environment, Experience, Art






FPU predoctoral researcher (FPU2017 / 03492), Complutense University of Madrid and member of the project "Art and embodied cognition in creation processes: ecological awareness of the self in the environment" (HAR2017-85485-P).